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Transfer Files Without A Computer

Gordon Kelly


Transfer Files Without A Computer

We received a lot of positive feedback about the Xmultiple ShareDrive with readers asking why more mainstream manufacturers didn’t make similar devices. Well, now one does.

Belkin is the company to up-periscope and see what the customer wants and USB Anywhere is the result. Like the ShareDrive, USB Anywhere is a self contained device which allows users to connect two USB drives and transfer files between them. Slightly more simplified than the Xmultiple product (which allows data to be stored then interchanged from either device), the USB Anywhere has dedicated ‘Source’ and ‘Target’ ports. Plug drives into the corresponding ports press ‘Copy’ and a status light flashes while the transfer is in progress.

Two copy modes are available: ‘Full’ transfers all data, while ‘Root’ will ignore all data in folders and just copy the contents from the root of the drive. Power is provided via a bundled cable, though it can run off three AAA batteries and a 30 second auto shut down saves the batteries when the USB Anywhere is not in use.

The asking price is a little steep at £27.99 (incl. VAT), but it is out now and Belkin does throw in a lifetime warranty for peace of mind. If you swap a lot of data around on the road this could be just the solution.


Belkin UK


October 3, 2015, 4:25 pm

There should be a screen so that you can copy a specific file

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