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Touchscreen Slider BlackBerry Leaks as Apple Sues HTC

Gordon Kelly


Touchscreen Slider BlackBerry Leaks as Apple Sues HTC

It is well known that BlackBerry security is roughly equivalent to a puppy on a leash standing outside the transparent walls of an R&D centre, so it should be no surprise another RIM goodie has just spilled out...

Uncovered by BlackBerry Leaks (yes, there's a whole website dedicated to them now), is this first for the Canadian company: a hybrid touchscreen handset with a Pre-esque sliding Qwerty keyboard.

As you might expect there remains some doubt over the legitimacy of these images, but given the puppy on the door they are more than likely spot on - even if just an early prototype giving us a hint of what is in store. That said I'm not going to pontificate about what specs might be inside this thing other than to say the much hyped BlackBerry Webkit browser must be a strong candidate while RIM has never been a fan of high megapixels or great amounts of onboard storage so I wouldn't expect either of those things to change here.

For now it's time to sit tight. After all, there'll be another leak any. minute. now....

In related smartphone news Apple has set its legal beagles onto HTC after claiming the Taiwanese company has broken over 20 of its patents.

As we all know mega-corporates go after one another all the time and usually come to some sort of middle ground and I suspect this will be no different. The advances HTC has driven in its handsets has been a joy to behold and its growth as a business phenomenal. If that means giving up some cash to Apple or fighting its corner then so be it...


via BlackBerry Leaks

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