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Touchscreen 8 Megapixel Samsung M8800 Unveiled

Gordon Kelly


Touchscreen 8MP Samsung M8800 Unveiled, UPDATE: Official

With the UK's first eight megapixel cameraphone, the Samsung i8510, scoring a glowing review from us today you can see why the company would be keen to capitalise...

Consequently, timing itself very nicely then is GSM Arena's scoop for the 'M8800' - the mysterious touchscreen Samsung eight megapixeler that was leaked by Carphone Warehouse last week. Helpfully snapping it beside a Samsung Omnia), GSM Arena says the codenamed 'Bresson' has been renamed the 'Pixon' and has a whole bunch of snaps and a complete run down of specs. Here we go:

  • Quad-band GSM, tri-band HSDPA

  • 107.9 x 54.6 x 14.9 mm, 110 g

  • 3.2in, 400 x 240 pixel touchscreen display

  • 8 megapixel camera, autofocus, face recognition with smile detection and blink detection, WDR (wide dynamic range), ASR (advanced shake reduction), GPS geotagging, ISO 1600, WVGA (720x480 pixels) and VGA (640 x 480 pixels) 30fps video recording

  • Built-in GPS receiver

  • Accelerometer

  • DivX playback

  • FM radio with RDS

  • microSD /microSD HC card slot

  • Bluetooth

  • Landscape virtual QWERTY keyboard

  • Handwriting recognition

  • ShoZu integration - direct image and video upload

  • Office document viewer

Obviously missing points are the onboard memory and the slightly strange news that WiFi seems to be missing. It also apparently shares the Omnia's Windows Mobile 6.1-based OS so there may sadly be a few chinks in its armour.

That said, there's still no official word from Samsung though a promo clip has also leaked out which really let's the cat out of the bag. Sadly it takes the unfortunate Apple-esque route of speeded up phone functionality renderings. We do wish those would go away...

Expect something to spill from Korean lips very soon.

Update: Now official in a viral, artsy kinda way at thephotographicadventuresofnickturpin.com. Still no WiFi mentioned...


via GSM Arena

Promotional Video


September 26, 2008, 7:33 pm

This phone does look awesome! I just can't understand how these phone manufacturers can keep churning out new models of phones every 3 months if not in even less than that. Surely releasing a phone within earshot of the last one eats into their own revenue?

Either way, this is great for the consumer.

Personally, I'm still waiting for the touch screen s60 as in the nokia demo, not the 'Tube' mid-tier spec phone.

Big Rich

September 26, 2008, 7:45 pm

True, the phone does look amazing but I can't believe that they wouldn't be putting Wi-Fi into the package, come on Samsung! I'm not so sure about the Window's Mobile thing either as I currently have a HTC Touch Dual and find it's so slow when you're trying to do something in a rush


September 27, 2008, 3:01 am

mphone market is nicely competitive and beautifully healthy, unlike those high street banks. Samsung is certainly growing bigger and stiffer, nicely done.

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