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Toshiba's Power TVs Offer Battery-Powered Viewing

David Gilbert


Toshiba's Power TVs Offer Battery-Powered Viewing

We’re not quite sure whether this idea will take off or not, but obviously Toshiba will have done its research and believe there is a market out there for a 32in or 24in TV with two hours of viewing via an integrated battery.

We can understand the idea of a portable television - or DVD player such as Toshiba's own SDP94DT - with an integrated battery but a 24in or 32in TV isn’t exactly something you can slip into your backpack and head off into the wild to watch Match of the Day in splendid isolation.

Toshiba's Power TV family includes what it claims are the world's first LED TVs with integrated battery back-up. Trying to explain why it is bringing out these TVs, Toshiba said the Power TV series was “developed to bring quality viewing to wide segments of the market at affordable prices.” No price or release dates have been announced so far for the Power TV series.

The Power TV series are designed for tough conditions (perfect for watching TV on the side of a mountain then). “The PC 1 range, one of three in the series, are the world's first TVs to integrate a stand-by rechargeable battery, a useful innovation in areas where power supply can be uncertain.” Fully charged, the battery can power a TV for approximately two hours, long enough for the broadcast of a full football game, according to Toshiba (you just have to hope there’s no extra-time I guess).

The Power TV series also features "auto signal booster" that improves signal sensitivity and allows viewing in areas with weak signal strengths. Another function is "auto view" which optimizes picture settings according to the ambient lighting condition for “greater viewing pleasure and lower electricity consumption”.


November 29, 2010, 3:32 pm

Sounds like it designed for bars,pubs and the like in parts of the world where powercuts are frequent.

Good idea.


November 29, 2010, 10:09 pm

nah, its for the Top Gear favourite - the dratted caravan ;)


November 30, 2010, 3:20 pm

or for where I live, not far from London. Power is unreliable in the current weather.

I'd seriously consider this, depending on cost, as neater than fannying about with homebrew kit. Hopefully the batteries would be user-changeable and reasonably priced when replacement is required in a few years time.

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