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Blue Is Not The Colour


IFA 2008: Toshiba Press Conference

The Toshiba press conference was kicked off by Alan Thompson - Executive Vice President Europe - who gave an overview of the company’s present and future strategy. Interestingly, the first words out of Thompson’s mouth were that there will be no Toshiba branded Blu-ray products hitting the market. Of course I can understand Toshiba’s reluctance to adopt a format that it was battling against, but I can’t help feeling that the company will be well and truly cutting off its nose to spite its face if that stance carries on too long. The lack of Blu-ray support doesn’t just affect AV products either, since Toshiba also confirmed that there would be no Blu-ray equipped notebooks, which leaves the Qosmio line in a difficult position, when facing entertainment notebooks from the likes of Sony and Acer.

The message that Thompson did have for the congregated press can only be described as confused at best. On the one hand, Thompson was keen to talk about Toshiba’s new upscaling technology, and how it brought “near” high definition quality to the masses, but he also suggested that consumers are demanding higher and higher resolutions from their TVs, citing a transition to 4k and even 8k screens.

Personally I don’t agree at all, and feel that consumers aren’t demanding ever higher TV resolutions. Instead I think that consumers would be far happier buying into a standard that isn’t going to be superseded in a couple of years. Add to that, with Toshiba pushing the idea of upscaling SD content, that job will be far harder on a 4k screen!


August 29, 2008, 1:03 am

It's unfortunate that Toshiba can't come in with a &#163100 full 2.0 spec Blu-Ray player and steal significant PS3 sales away from Sony. I want to get a Blu-Ray player and would something half the price of the PS3 with all the features in an instant. If they also slipped out some region free firmware for it as well they would sell SOOO many of them it's silly.

Such a player could have been built on the platform of HD players they already had (HD DVD and Blu-Ray used the same codecs after all).. so it's a shame they haven't the balls to hand Sony their asses by doing something Sony can't, or won't, do and on using their own format no less.

Currently it does seem like Toshiba is sulking in the corner.


August 29, 2008, 2:58 pm

It's not as easy as Toshiba just making Blu-ray players, they will need to become part of the BDA, which Sony is a main body in, and will be coming in last with probably little to no say as to how they are able to market, manufacturer and release their own product. Remember, there is a reason every new profile update came out on the PS3 first.

Toshiba have no need to waste more time and money on this generation of HD player as they can concentrate on the next phase, which is currently in development, and can continue to concentrate their efforts on their flash based storage products which will hopefully be a successful proposition to counteract the optical format in the near future.

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