HD DVD Players

When it came to HD DVD players, Toshiba's big news was that it will no longer be producing a 1080i player, with even its entry level deck supporting 1080p. The new entry level player is called the HD-EP30 and this will replace the HD-E1 - this again reinforces Toshiba's idea that Full HD is the future, with the majority of its TVs and all its HD DVD players supporting the standard.

Even more interesting is the HD-EP35, which sports all the features of the HD-EP30, but also has an HDMI 1.3 port and consequently is compatible with Deep Colour and has the ability to output the Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD lossless audio codecs. The HD-EP35 is also the first Toshiba player that can support 7.1 channel digital audio over HDMI.

The superb HD-XE1 will remain Toshiba's flagship HD DVD player in Europe. Prices of €349 - €399 for the HD-EP30 and €449 - €499 for the HD-EP35, which puts the new players in the same ball park as the outgoing models.

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