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Toshiba 1080p 24 & Regza ZF

Toshiba was also keen to highlight the 1080p 24 processing that its new TVs employ. The most important is the 5:5 pull down, which basically repeats each frame five times, thus converting a 24fps source into 120fps video. This addresses two issues. It eradicates the need for post processing, where film shot at 24fps needs to be converted into 30fps for NTSC using 3:2 pull down. Because 5:5 pull down is simply repeating frames rather than creating composite frames, the image quality will not degrade. The other issue is, of course, that viewers couldn't really watch video at 24fps on their TV because it wouldn't appear smooth, therefore the 5:5 pull down is necessary to ensure smooth playback.

Of course a 24fps input source is only applicable to movies which are shot in that format. Other source types, like sport, are likely to be input at 60Hz, because of all the fast action. Here Toshiba's Film Judder Canceller will be employed to combat the judder effect of 3:2 pull down footage. I'll be testing Toshiba's 24p processing and Film Judder Canceller as soon as I get my paws on a Z series review sample.

Finally, if you're wondering why Toshiba hasn't created a thin Bezel XF screen with 100Hz processing, worry not. Also announced was a ZF series model, which combines the features of the Z series with the aesthetics of the XF - that's the one that I want!

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