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Toshiba Messes Up WVGA Resolution Smartphone

Gordon Kelly


Toshiba Unveils Wide-VGA Resolution Smartphone

It's nice and yet...

Toshiba this week somehow managed to make a mess of a very appealing proposal, the 'Portege G910'. Yes, laptop branding continues to be en vogue with the Japanese giant, but having seemingly done the hard part in cramming an incredible Wide-VGA (WVGA) 480 x 800 pixel display into its latest Windows Mobile smartphone it kinda falls apart...

Failing to learn lessons for the VGA totting hit and miss G900, Tosh has tried to cram this web friendly resolution into just a 3in 65k display, when its bulky design could have easily fitted something more substantial. That bulk is a major problem too with the G910 harking back to smartphones pre-2006 with monstrous dimensions of 117mm x 64mm x 19.8mm and a pocket tearing weight of 183g.

On the plus side, as you might expect for something as large as the G910, it is crammed full of features including HSDPA, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP, a microSD slot and battery life good for five hours of talk time and up to 19 days on standby. Despite all this however the 2MP camera is unnecessarily weedy and the 256MB of onboard memory is nothing more than standard for a modern smartphone.

This monster plans to invade urban centres before the end of Q1, close those shutters and bolt the door.

In related news, Tosh has also announced the 'Portege G710' to bulk up the ubiquitous candybar Qwerty smartphone sector. By integrating GPS the G710 helps to raise itself above the crowd, but at 130g and by dropping HSDPA and choosing a 2MP camera, 2.4in 65k QVGA display and 128MB of memory manages to fall right back in again. WM6? Check. microSD expansion slot? Check. Bluetooth? 1.2 Check. Q1 arrival? Check.

Narcolepsy? Check.


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