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Toshiba To Debut Three Tablets At CES

David Gilbert


Toshiba To Debut Three Tablets At CES

We like a bit of moxy in our electronics manufacturers. So we were delighted to hear that Toshiba, following the failure of its Folio 100 recently, has decided not to stick its head in the sand but instead move forward by bringing three new tablet PCs to CES in Vegas this coming January. Bravo.

Toshiba however are hedging its bets somewhat by bringing out three tablets running three separate operating systems – Chrome OS, Android and Windows 7. As well as keeping Toshiba’s fingers in a lot of pies, this development also hints at the current state of flux in the tablet market as everyone tries to catch up to Apple.

DigiTimes initially reported the trio of tablets coming to CES and Toshiba has since issued a statement confirming the imminent arrival of the Toshiba Three: “The three new tablet PCs are expected to adopt different operating systems: Microsoft's Windows 7 and Google's Android and Chrome OS. Two models are expected to adopt 10.1-inch panels with the remaining one to adopt a 11.6-inch panel. The three tablet PCs are being positioned by Toshiba as an extension of PC products.”

So despite the failed Folio 100 also running Android, the manufacturer has kept faith with Google’s mobile platform though this could be something to do with the recently spotted Honeycomb which will be a lot more tablet friendly.

It also appears as if Toshiba will be bringing a 7in tablet to market though details of this are sketchy at best at the moment – though it will be built by the company's handset department, which tells us it could be a big smartphone in the guise of a tablet.

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