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Toshiba SmartPad Images Leaked

Andy Vandervell


Toshiba SmartPad Images Leaked

Hot on the heels of ViewSonic's tablet announcement, seasoned leakers Notebookitalia have revealed images of another tablet expected to be shown at IFA, the Toshiba SmartPad. Last year Toshiba had the infamous Journ.E Touch on show, but this device looks a good deal more promising.

First of all, the collection of icons on the right edge look very Android-esque, which is a good start. However, given that Android won't natively support resolutions above 800 x 480 until Android 3.0 (Gingerbread) is released later in the year, the 10-inch screen might not have the requisite pixels we'd like. Judging by the placement of the shortcut buttons, and the webcam above the screen, it looks as if the SmartPad is intended to be used in landscape mode, though we'll be surprised if portrait isn't supported as well.

Most interesting is the connectivity shown. Not only are all the usual suspects (headphone, docking port etc.) present, HDMI, standard USB and a mini-USB port are all available behind a hinged door, and there's what looks like a full-size SD card slot as well. Based on whisperings coming out of Taiwan, the SmartPad is also likely to be using Nvidia's promising Tegra 2 platform.

With Viewsonic and Samsung already confirmed to be exhibiting tablets at IFA, it looks as if IFA could be dominated by one topic alone. Oh joy!

Source: Notebookitalia

Via: Engadget

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