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Toshiba Readying No Glasses 3D TV

Andy Vandervell


Toshiba Readying 'No Glasses' 3D TV

We already had a fair amount of pre-IFA leakage yesterday, but we reckon Toshiba might just steal the show if the glasses-free 3D TV being touted today makes an appearance at the Berlin trade show.

According to Japanese daily newspaper, Yomiuri Shimbun, the company will be bringing out three new models this year and they will cost "several thousand dollars". The sets will emit rays of light at varying angles to create the 3D effect, and ensure that users can enjoy the 3D effect from various positions.

This is bound to be a boon for anyone who fancies 3D, but doesn't enjoy the expense, or experience of wearing, active shutter glasses that tend to cause eye-strain. Details are extremely thin right now, but given this news has appeared prior to IFA we'd be very surprised were these 3D TVs not to make an appearance.



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