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Toshiba Players To Offer 'True Cinema' Playback

Gordon Kelly


Toshiba Players To Offer 'True Cinema' Playback

One for cinephiles to smile at here...

Toshiba has announced that (on top of its web features) a new firmware update for its HD-XA2 and HD-A20 players will enable them to support movies played back in their original 24 frames per second cinema mode.

While many may not have noticed the difference, to the cinephile (a special breed) the fact that European hardware typically plays content at 25fps and US hardware at an even worse 30fps infuriates them. It means that – quite literally – the flick is speeded up and the audio effected. Mere mortals see no change but the cinephiles grind their teeth in disgust.

Salvation however comes in September as long as you hook up your XA2 or A20 player to the Internet via their Ethernet connections and – naturally – have a 24fps capable display source. The average cinephile obviously has such a device, but if you want the full cinematic experience make sure to check this feature off on any HDTV feature set you might be buying...

For the record then your 2007 HDTV must have: a sub 8ms refresh rate, 8,000:1 or more contrast ratio, 550cd/m2 brightness level, minimum of two (preferably three) HDMI 1.3 capable ports, VESA mount compatibility, a digital tuner, PC output and – though it really isn't necessary on anything less than 50 inches – a 1080p native resolution. Oh and test the bass speaker levels too...

Technology, it's just so consumer friendly!


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