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Toshiba Planning New MacBook Air Killer

Gordon Kelly


Toshiba Planning New MacBook Air Killer

While the headlines may go to Apple's MacBook Air or Lenovo's ThinkPad X Series, the Toshiba R Series actually comprises the lightest fully featured laptops in the world - and Tosh is at it again...

Following in the 12.1in 822g R500 and 12.1in 813g R600 is news of Toshiba's first 13.3in R Series and somehow it will also weigh under 1Kg.

vozExpress has claimed quite the exclusive with news and a teaser shot of the - so far unnamed - new machine and learnt it will feature a 16:9 LED backlit display, choice of Core i3, i5 and i7 CPUs, 4GB RAM and an optional 512GB SSD. USB 3.0 connectivity will be available too via a dock.

Even more significant than all this, however, is news of a Super Charged ion Battery (SCiB) which will allegedly charge from flat to 90 per cent in just 10 minutes and has a life expectancy of 10 years. The SCiB will be a secondary battery to the laptop and we don’t know how capacious it will be, but if this is a sign of where laptop batteries are headed it would change everything.

An official announcement is expected soon and it may just give the superlative Sony Vaio Z Series sleepless nights. We're excited, very excited indeed...


Via vozExpress

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