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Toshiba Offers 64GB SSD Netbook Option

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If you read our Ultimate Netbook Buyer's Guide you'll be aware that solid state storage options are pretty limited, in terms of capacity. Unless you fancy a Toshiba netbook, because those systems now come with a 64GB SSD option - at least in Japan.

Notably, the implication is that this SSD is actually a drive, rather than the kind of solid state storage seen in Asus' Eee PC. Certainly, the NB100HF, as Toshiba calls this SSD-fitted variant of its netbook, is claimed to have better batty life than its 160GB mechanical drive fitted NB100H. Specifically 5 hours versus 3.7 hours in favour of the SSD model, using an extended batter pack.

There's also a 30g weight advantage to the NB100HF, although it's unlikely anything but a scale would notice the difference. Annoyingly, while Toshiba bundles XP with the 160GB NB100H, Vista is the pre-installed on the NB100HF. Presumably using a 64GB SSD prohibits Toshiba getting a netbook XP license from Microsoft.

No word on pricing or UK availability as yet.


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