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Toshiba Launching Blu-ray Player This Year


Toshiba Launching Blu-ray Player This Year

We've been waiting for Toshiba to produce a Blu-ray player since the company dropped HD DVD over a year ago and if The Yomiuri Shimbun's sources are reliable we should finally see such a player before the year is out.

According to the paper, the market has now seen sufficient growth for Toshiba to feel justified entering. It has seemed odd - to some of us at least - that having lost out with its investment in HD DVD Toshiba would further detriment itself by not grabbing a slice of the Blu-ray market with a player of its own. Initially a Toshiba will, it's said, only be launching a player, but the might consider a recorder later. Sounds fair enough to me - I just want to see what Toshiba can coax out of Blu-ray.

Let us not forget either that Toshiba has some pretty nifty tech accessible to it. Not least the same Cell processor as inside Sony's PS3, long touted as one of the best Blu-ray players out there thanks to its constant updates and improvements (DTS-HD Master Audio decoding a notable recent addition). Surely a dedicated Blu-ray deck with a Cell CPU would be even better than Sony's console?

Toshiba also has its XDE upscaling. While it failed to impress us as in the stand-alone XD-E500, in a Blu-ray player XDE would perhaps be less of a disappointment.

As long as Toshiba doesn't make a complete pig's ear (that's right folks, swine flu references!) of its supposed soon-to-debut Blu-ray player its most important consideration right now should be to hurry up and launch the damned thing.


Yomiuri (Google translated).

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