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Toshiba Launches Freeview+ HD Recorder


Toshiba Launches Freeview+ HD Recorder

With the World Cup just a few months away, it seems like the High Definition frenzy is starting all over again. Back in 2006 Sky managed to get its HD service out the door just in time for the World Cup kick off in Germany and this time it’s the turn of Freeview HD.

With Freeview HD you’ll finally be able to receive high definition broadcast content through your TV aerial and Toshiba is keen to help you make the most of that fact with its HDR5010 set top box. The HDR5010 comes equipped with two Freeview HD tuners, so you’ll be able to watch one programme while recording another, or record two programmes while watching a recording – much the same as Sky’s HD box.

There’s a 500GB hard disk, which will hold around 120 hours of HD content, and as with existing Freeview+ systems, the HDR5010 will allow you to record entire seasons of your favourite programmes at the touch of a single button.

As well as an HDMI output, for pumping the signal to your TV, the HDR5010 also has two HDMI inputs, so you can use the box as an HDMI switcher, if you’re running short of ports on your TV. You also get two USB ports for showing still images, or streaming video, and although DivX playback is present, there’s no MKV support as yet.

The recommended price of £349 may seem a bit steep to some, considering that Sky is giving away its HD box to new customers. However, there are enough consumers who don’t want to pay a monthly subscription, or who can’t have a satellite dish and have been waiting for Freeview HD to arrive. If you fall into one of those categories, and you’re a footie fan, you should start saving.

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