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Toshiba Dropped ¥100bn On HD DVD


Toshiba Dropped ¥100bn On HD DVD

Toshiba lost the format war; this we now know. But just how much of a loss did throwing in the towel with HD DVD really make for the company? Well, according to Japanese publication Nikkei, the figure is somewhere in the region of a huge ¥100bn. Although admittedly in English currency - £490m - it isn't quite as insane sounding, although it still marks a fair chunk of money that Toshiba has, for all intents and purposes, simply thrown away.

Most observers would agree, however, that this is still the best decision for Toshiba, which would doubtless have suffered a much larger loss in the long-term by sticking it out with its chosen high definition medium. Supposedly the company should still make a ¥250bn (£1.23bn) profit overall, so at least HD DVD hasn't made too big a dent in the company's bottom line.

Whether other retailers will have been affected as much as Toshiba remains to be seen, but those wondering just how badly the 'fire sale' (also knows as HD DVD Marketing Initiatives) has impacted upon Toshiba now have their answer.



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