Regza LCD TVs

Toshiba also announced its 2007 range of Regza LCD TVs, with the big news being a line-up of Full HD screens with 1080p input support. The HL167 series will be available in 42, 47 and 52in sizes and will also include CE-Link (Toshiba’s implementation of HDMI – CEC), which allows you to control source devices using the TV remote via the HDMI connection, or vice versa of course. This means that you can place your source components in a cabinet without having to worry about infrared reception. The HL167 range also features 1:1 pixel mapping.

The second big addition to the Regza line-up is the new Cinema Series LX177 range. As well as supporting Full HD 1080p input and all the other features of the HL167 series, the LX177 range utilises ClearFrame 120Hz anti-blur technology. This is nothing new in the UK since the WLT68 range featured this technology a while back, although it’s 100Hz instead of 120Hz, due to PAL rather than NTSC support. When I tested the 32WLT68 a while back I was pretty impressed with this feature and it really did appear to keep motion blur under control.

The Cinema Series will also feature an Ethernet port, Virtual Dolby surround and (finally) a new A/V illuminated remote control. The Cinema Series will ship in 42, 46, 52 and 57in models, with launch dates set at June/July. With that timing, I expect that I’ll get some hands on time with these new TVs at Toshiba’s annual product launch event that usually takes place around April.

Unfortunately Toshiba chose not to supply any images of its new TVs in the press pack, and I managed to lose all of my own shots (more on that fiasco when you read about the Sony press conference). I will try to get some more shots from the Toshiba stand and add them in later.

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