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TomTom for iPhone Available


TomTom for iPhone Available

TomTom may have beaten the competition to the punch in announcing a sat-nav app for the iPhone, but the launch of that app today lags behind rivals Navigon and CoPilot somewhat. With its £59.99 price tag (about double that of both alternatives) TomTom for iPhone is going to need to offer something special to reward our patience.

To persuade you to part with your hard earned cash, TomTom for iPhone boasts features such as IQ Routes and safety camera locations alongside TomTom's usual navigation interface, re-jigged for the touch-driven iPhone. Automatic re-routing when deviating from the directed route is also catered for.

TomTom's iPhone app equals, if not bests, its competitors offering portrait and landscape views, 3D and 2D maps, and customised, alternative, night and day views. Point-of-interest searching is provided and phone numbers can be called direct from the TomTom app - a feature some criticised CoPilot for lacking.

Judging by previously leaked pricing TomTom's docking cradle should be priced in the £50 region. Compared to other in-car docking cradles available that's a little pricey - added functionality accepted - so it's good to see the dock isn't required to use TomTom for iPhone. If you do want the dock, however, we're told to expect it later this summer.



TomTom for iPhone - App Store link.

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