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TomTom Lets You See Live Traffic Online

David Gilbert


TomTom Lets You See Live Traffic Online

Ever been sitting at work worrying about how much traffic you’ll face on the way home? Well TomTom has come up with a solution by offering its HD Traffic service online – for free.

For a few years now those with TomTom satnavs have been able to chart a clear course home avoiding the worst of the traffic, but for those of us without such an aid, sitting in traffic jams and road works has become a matter of routine. Powered by TomTom HD Traffic, the new live traffic map enables anyone online to view the up-to-the-minute traffic situation in their local area. Available now in 18 countries, the live traffic map can be viewed here and will allow you to alter your trip home accordingly.

“You won't find a more accurate or reliable source of live traffic information anywhere", says Ralf-Peter Schäfer, Traffic Director TomTom. "The live traffic map is the perfect starting point for anyone planning a journey or who needs the most up-to-date view of the traffic on the road. By giving more drivers access to TomTom HD Traffic, we hope that we can start to make better use of the road network and start to reduce traffic congestion for everyone."

Recently Google announced an update to its Maps Navigation app for Android devices which also offers traffic updates and will re-route drivers accordingly. The TomTom system though is far more thorough with primary and secondary roads as well as individual city streets getting updates every two minutes. On the map, clusters of traffic incidents are represented by a single icon, so users can see the number and severity of problems in a particular area. A detailed incident report list on the left hand side of the page, shows the length, delay and cause of a jam.

The interface itself is far from polished but considering it’s a free service, which is constantly updated, we’re not going to be complaining too much about this.

Source: TomTom

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