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TomTom Launches Simple Budget Sat Nav

Gordon Kelly


TomTom Launches Simple Budget Sat Nav

Clearly the crazy TomTom iPhone pricing has been taken to heart because this week sees the Dutch GPS maestro come up with a new simple, highly affordable and rather cute new entry level sat nav.

The 'TomTom Start' targets occasional drivers or those who aren't overly familiar/confident with GPS devices. It features a 3.5in screen, simplified two button user interface ('Plan route' and 'Browse map') and is compact enough (94 x 81 x 20mm) to fit into a coat pocket.

"With the introduction of TomTom Start, we have taken another step in democratising navigation by making it easy to use, accessible and affordable, but without compromising on providing drivers with the fastest route," said TomTom MD Corinne Vigreux.

She may have a point too since the Start still features higher end TomTom technologies such as IQ Routes - which works out the fastest possible route based on average speeds on specific roads at specific times - and Map Share, which enables users to customise maps to keep them bang up to date. Speed camera data also makes an appearance.

Perhaps most surprising however is to see TomTom take the Start in one entirely new direction for its GPS units: swappable covers ('StartSkins'). This is just like mobile phones of days gone by and initially six colours will be made available to add a little spice to the mix. Sure it is a bit cheesy, but also harmless.

As for pricing, the TomTom Start is extremely reasonable costing just £119 for the UK edition and £139 for a model with full European mapping. StarSkins are a little more on the exorbitant side at £14.99 each. All of which makes the £59.99 asking price for the TomTom iPhone app and £99.99 cost of the mount even more ludicrous.

Still, can't win em all...


TomTom Start Product Page

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