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TomTom GO


TomTom Go Is a Go

In the post bag this morning was one of the coolest products we’ve seen in a while. In fact Riyad and I are already arguing over whose going to be reviewing it. The TomTom GO is a stand-alone GPS car navigation unit that uses the same TomTom software that’s been tried and tested on many PDAs. The ‘GO’ is small, cute and equipped with a large touch sensitive colour screen featuring 3D maps and speakers for audio navigation.

Designed as an appliance rather than an IT product, it works out of the box – unlike PDA based solutions, which require a fair amount of setting up. With the TomTom GO, you don’t even need a PC. New maps can be added using the integrated SD card slot.

The TomTom GO cost £468.83 from www.totalgps.co.uk, who has very kindly lent us a review sample. Check back soon to find out which one of us gets to review it, and for our definitive verdict.

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