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Tobii PCEye Brings Eye Control To Your PC

David Gilbert


Tobii PCEye Brings Eye Control To Your PC

Remember last month when we saw a prototype Lenovo laptop that could be controlled just by using your eyes? Well, the company behind that system has now unveiled a device that allows you do the same on your PC.

The Tobii PCEye is a device you can connect to your PC via USB, which uses a VESA mount to sit below LCD screens of between 15-20in. Once in place you will have to calibrate the system before using the PCEye to fully control your computer. That is, if you are running Windows Vista, XP or 7 as it does not support Macs at all. The device is aimed at those who have impaired motor functions, spinal cord injuries and those suffering from certain neurological disorders. The PCEye aims to give them all the functionality experienced by everyone else on a PC.

Tobii says the PCEye won’t impair your computer's performance while eye tracking. It claims to be able to track 95 percent of eye movement regardless of pupil colour, glasses, head movement or lighting conditions. The optimum working distance from the screen is between 50-80cm. "Ease of use, reliability and outstanding performance were our design goals for the PCEye," says Oscar Werner, Executive Vice President at Tobii Assistive Technology. "I believe that we have created a device that satisfies a very important need – those with high cognitive levels and motor skill impairments now have the computer access they need to lead a more independent life."

However, should you want to purchase one of these, it will leave quite a dent in your wallet costing around $6,900 (£4,200).

Source: Tobii

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