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Three Introduces New 'one-touch’ MiFi

Gordon Kelly


Three Introduces New 'one-touch’ MiFi

We were big fans of the original 3 MiFi Huawei E5830 and over the last eight months it has developed something of a cult audience. One that will likely grow on the back of this...

Three has now unveiled the new ‘one-touch’ MiFi (Huawei E585), so-called because setup is now possible with... yep, you guessed it. Other benefits include an improved display with OLED screen that shows information like the amount of data used, speed of the current connection and length of browsing time. There is also an online dashboard that works with any browser and the device can be charged and be used at the same time.

For those not in the know, MiFi devices connect to a mobile broadband service then throw out the data connection in the form of a mini WiFi hotspot which your other devices can connect to. It's as simple as they come and convenient - obviously depending on the strength and quality of your particular 3G signal.

Perhaps the best part is MiFi devices are extremely affordable and the new one touch comes in at just £49.99 on PAYG. So if you would prefer a single connection for all your gadgets on the move (or just fancy saving some cash on the WiFi only edition of the iPad) you'll be able to snap one up from July.

Link: Press Release

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