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This Week In Video No. 6


This Week In Video No. 6

As the nights draw in and the days grow colder, the last thing you'd think we want to be doing is leaving the warm confines of our office to stand outside and shoot a video. However, we're a determined and committed bunch - and I swear James just likes to see me suffer - so for his review of the Flip Video Ultra we once again braved the beautiful grounds of our offices to take a look at this incredibly popular and easy to use camcorder.

It only records in standard definition and is completely devoid of manual adjustments or even much in the way of automatic settings, for that matter. You just point it and click it and in an instant you're recording. The best bit, though, is it comes with its own drivers and software built into the device so no matter who's computer you use you can be assured you can download and do basic edits of your video before uploading it to YouTube. Home video. Done.

It may not be for everyone but, along with the iPhone, the original Apple iPod touch was a ground-breaking device and, even considering its high price, we still loved it. So when the new version added official support for Apple's new app store and improved the physical layout with additions like, god forbid, a volume control we couldn't help but be impressed.

Finishing off last week's video content, Andy looked at a new business 14.1inch notebook, the Dell Latitude E6400. While many consumers will eschew this model for one with more multimedia bells & whistles, those looking a well-built, no-nonsense laptop with a good balance of features, performance, and price this model is definitely worth considering.

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