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This Week In Video No. 5


This Week In Video No. 5

We're big fans of the incredibly popular new class of portable computers that have come to be known as netbooks. They're small, powerful enough for basic tasks, and, most importantly, cheap. Imagine our surprise, therefore, when we encountered the Raon Digital Everun Note. It's even smaller than a netbook yet has more than double the processing power, and throw's in a touchscreen to boot. Unfortunately its price reflects this.

Another genre of products we're rather fond of is the ebook reader or, more specifically, ebook readers that use e-ink (also known as e-paper). These devices can store hundreds of books, last for weeks on a single battery charge, and, most importantly, reading text on them for extended periods doesn't give you immense eyestrain. Combine these characteristics with Sony's keen eye for design and you have the Sony Reader PRS-505, and we love it!

Finishing off the video reviews this week were two devices that in many ways are very similar. The Logitech Squeezebox Boom and Pure Evoke Flow both have Internet radio and home media streaming at the heart of their features list but that's where the similarity ends. While the Boom aims for top-notch audio fidelity and cuts out any of the extras, the Flow is essentially a traditional tabletop radio with all the convenience features you would expect - including a battery option, and FM and DAB radios.

Both are good in their own way and the Boom makes for the perfect addition to an existing Squeezebox setup. However, with its superb ease of use and wealth of features it's the Flow that finds itself with an Editor's Choice Award (that's a score of 10/10 in case you were wondering).

So on that very high note we'll let you get back to finding other ways to fill the last hour of your working week. All that's left to say is make sure to check back next week for another round of brand new videos. Oh, and have a nice weekend!

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