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This Week In Video No.4

Another high-quality DAB radio was next on our hit-list. Made by the Danish company Tangent, it's a typical basic tabletop mono unit with a basic feature list but top-notch audio. Unfortunately we found it's controls a little complicated and it's looks were nothing outstanding. Add in the fact we've also heard better equivalents and we'd hesitate to recommend it.

Told you I'd say more about it later. Last week I looked at the latest iPod nano and despite all the reasons mentioned above for choosing alternatives like the Creative Zen Z-Fi, I have to admit I really like the new nano. It's stylish, really easy to use, has adequate sound quality and just has a certain something that means most people will love it!

James Morris returned last week with another very decent camcorder from JVC. With a whopping 120GB hard drive on-board and with very good picture quality it's a definite contender. Unfortunately its high-price means many people would be better off with its little brother.

The final video of last week was a rather intriguing iPod speaker dock made by the French company Voix. It looks more like a stylish surround sound speaker set than an iPod dock and we propose that's precisely how you might have this pair of towers setup. However, hidden in the top of the right tower is an iPod dock. All told it's a great idea that could be the perfect first upgrade for your living room entertainment setup. It just has one big problem. Check out the video to found out what it is...


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