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This Week In Video No.4


This Week In Video No.4

The eagle eyed among you may have noticed we didin't have a 'This Week In Video' article last week and this week we're a little later than usual. Fear not, though, for it's back and it won't be going anywhere anytime soon. So, without fruther ado, I present a summary of last two week's of TrustedReviews videos.

Things kicked off with me looking at the new Creative X-Fi 16Gb mp3 player. It's a good alternative to the ever popular iPod nano (more on that later) with a larger screen, markedly better sound quality, some interesting extra features like being able to stream music from your computer over you home network to the player, and it's also a tad cheaper. So, check it out if you're considering breaking your bond with Apple, or just fancy a new MP3 player.

Touchscreen devices seem to be becoming evermore ubiquitous so it was no surprise that they would start to proliferate the home PC market and the HP TouchSmart IQ500 is the latest and one of the most impressive examples. With custom applications for viewing photos and videos, listening to music and browsing the web, it's one step closer to the ultimate touchscreen experience. It's not quite there yet but certainly worth checking out.

One of the highlights of my time so far with TrustedReviews was having the opportunity to review this next product. The Meridian F80 is one of the most awe inspiring devices I've ever used. Not because of its looks - though it does look very nice - or because it has some ground-breaking new technology. No, quite simply this Ferrari sponsored all-in-one home stereo sounds stupendous for its size. By all means you pay for that quality but it has to be heard to be believed.

Bringing things back down to Earth, I next looked at a sub-£200 portable DVD player made by Philips. The Philips DCP951's trump card is its inbuilt iPod dock, which enables you to carry around music, audio books and downloaded videos, as well as have DVD playback. It's low price is reflected in its mediocre image and sound quality but if you just want a basic player to keep the children entertained while travelling, it's worth a gander.

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