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This Week In Video No. 10


This Week In Video No. 10

The big news in video this week was the launch of our new video navigation tool, which you can find in the left hand column of every page. Here you'll find links to our four latest videos so it's never been quicker or easier to get your video fix. As well as launching this we have, of course, been releasing a steady stream of video reviews to accompany it. So let's take a look.

Another recent first was Cliff's first appearance in front of camera during which he gave us a run down of the hotly anticipated Nikon D90 DSLR. This model is aimed at the enthusiastic amateur, being Nikon's top of the range DSLR to use an APS-C sized sensor. It's also the first DSLR to feature video capture. It can shoot at up to 720p resolution and 24 frames per second with mono audio and the results are pretty impressive. Check out the link for more.

One of the sleeper hit products of this year was the Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player. This little black box plugs into your TV then you can use it to play music and video and view photos from USB storage devices. It sounds simple and it is, which is precisely its beauty. If you have a large digital music/movie/photo collection, this is a must have item.

Of course, one of the primary uses for the WD TV could be to play your home videos, which is where the Samsung VP-HMX20 comes in. This is one of Samsung's first camcorders to really break out of the cheap and cheerful mould that Samsung's models previously conformed to. This is typified by its sturdy build quality, large 1/1.8inch CMOS sensor and ability to shoot stills at up to at up to 3,264 x 2,448 pixels. Of course it shoots full HD and it comes with 8GB of internal storage, which is enough for 71minutes of footage, though this can be extended by adding an SDHC card. The best bit is all this can be had for under £500. Sounds like a bargain.

Bargain, probably isn't a word you could use to describe the Blackberry Storm, which featured in our latest video review. This premium smartphone is Blackberry's first attempt at a touchscreen mobile and it's a very impressive first effort despite it's peculiar clickable touchscreen. Certainly if you're after a stylish, easy to use, touchscreen mobile but require more true workhorse features than the iPhone can provide then it's your best bet.

So, that's another week wrapped up and I hope you agree it's been quite an exciting one. If you not so sure then, as usual, let us know in the comments section - we're always up for a challenge!


December 5, 2008, 5:47 pm

Yes, having the Video review links down the left side works well.

Now, I do have another comment to make about your website. Now I do understand you need to have adverts for revenue etc, and they don't bother me one bit, and I have often clicked on a few when something interesting appears. But please could you avoid using those horrible popup versions that hover over the text, yesterday I had this popup appear about 3 times. Also it would be nice if advertisers stay away from flash, I hate flash, my CPU has got better things to do. :)


December 5, 2008, 6:34 pm

Hi Keith, thanks for your feedback.

We're aware that some of the adverts can be obtrusive and in an ideal world we'd avoid having such things. Unfortunately that's what advertisers want and, as they're ultimately the means for us to earn money, we have to bend to accommodate them.

On a more positive note, we fully plan to redesign the layout of the site in the not too distant future and one of the key considerations will be how we can best accommodate the sorts of adverts advertisers want without compromising the ease of use of the site. So you may actually see fewer adverts on each page. That said, flash is probably here to stay - there's just no alternative.


December 5, 2008, 6:43 pm

Great videos, especially the WD TB HD player!

Any chance of a video review of the new INQ1 handset?


December 5, 2008, 7:39 pm

@Ed, Like I said, I totally understand your need for advertisers, and keeping them happy is of course important, but what would be a shame is that you end up loosing viewers because of it, and in the end that's not good for your other advertisers. Also the alternative to Flash is like you already do (Animated Gifs), Currently looking at this page I'm viewing now, the IPod Ad is Jpeg, The Hotels.com is GIF, Misco is Gif, the blackberry is GIF, so there certainly an alternative, but for no apparent reason I can see the AMD is flash. btw. You don't appear to be doing these Popups's regular, but I'm pointing it out now, so that hopefully it doesn't become the norm. :)

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