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This Week In Video No. 2

You may be beginning to see something of a theme developing with our video content. Andy Vandervell sticks to his familiar notebooks, James Morris to his camcorders, and myself I've been rattling through an array of audio products. However, rest assured, as the weeks go by we'll be bringing ever more diverse video content to these hallowed pages so if you're waiting with bated breath for the latest mobile phone to be reviewed, just be patient.

In the mean time we present a roundup of our latest video reviews.

James got the ball rolling this week by looking at the Hitachi BD70E camcorder. It uses Blu-ray discs as a storage format and shoots in full-fat HD with up to an hour of footage fitting on each disc. At £770, it doesn't come cheap but the convenience of being able to instantly watch your footage on your Blu-ray player is one that will appeal to many.

Next up I got my grubby mitts on the Dualit Lite radio, a DAB radio made by the very same company that makes highly regarded bread toasters. Surprisingly, considering that unusual pedigree the Lite radio performed impressively with decent sound quality on offer. Add in battery support for easy portability and a a decent price and we can see a lot of people plumping for this one.

Having looked at our favourite netbook, the Asus EeePC 901, last week, on Wednesday Andy brought us a head to head of two of the larger 10-inch format netbooks, namely the Asus EeePC 1000H and MSI Wind. Both offer larger, more sausage-finger friendly keyboards and the extras inch of screen size will please some - though the resolution is the same as all the 9-inch netbooks out there. Ultimately, though, we still prefer the EeePC 901.

One of the more peculiar products to pass through our doors recently are the Sleek Audio SA6 customisable earphones. These offer the ability to interchange parts of the earphone itself so that you can adjust the tone of them to suit your needs. We like the idea and found they did sound good but we're not sure that most people would find them significantly better than simpler alternatives.

Finishing off the week, James gave the JVC Everio GZ-MS100 a once over and came away with mixed feelings. He liked the YouTube upload function, in principle, but its execution is poor and aside fromthis the camera offers little to better the alternatives. Still, if you like the idea of recording to SD card format then it's worth a look.

So, another week has passed and another batch of videos are out the door but what we want to know is what you thought of them. Did you like the notebook head to head? Would you like to see more of that? Which product areas in particular are you waiting for? Come one don't by shy. Let us know in the comments.

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