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Thinksound TS02 + Mic Are Eco Friendly Earphones


Thinksound TS02 + Mic Are Eco Friendly Earphones

Thinksounds has announced a new addition to its range of eco friendly earphones, the Thinksound TS02 + Mic.

While a few years ago the idea of an eco- friendly set of headphones may have seemed a bit batty, these days it well, sounds sensible. The Thinksound range, we are told, is packaged using recycled materials and contain minimal plastic components. The cables are PVC free, while the earphone casing is made of wood. Thinksound said this both enhances sound quality and helps to set them apart visually from the crowd.

The Thinksounds TS02’s + Mic, offer a single driver with a 20Hz to 20KHz frequency response. Along with the wooden housing and PVC-free, tangle-resistant cabling, they are equipped with a 3.5mm gold plated plug and are supplied with four sizes of silicon ear inserts to help ensure a perfect fit.

As their name suggests, the TS02 + Mic contain a microphone for answering phone calls and for playing and pausing music tracks, a feature that’s compatible with iPhone and some Blackberrys.

They’re available in either chocolate brown or silver cherry finishes, while a cord clip and a carrying pouch, made of cotton, naturally, is supplied.

The Thinksound TS02 + Mic cost £59.99 and can be picked up from AdvancedMP3Players.co.uk.


October 12, 2010, 2:29 am

Oh come on.....eco friendly? Theoretically but we are talking about 1g of saved plastic. I saved more plastic by only taking 6 tesco plastic bags rather than 7 this evening.

mike tunney

October 12, 2010, 8:36 pm

Hi Gingerscot,

While I understand your skepticism, the difference is that most headphone manufacturers don&#8217t take their environmental impact into consideration when developing products and packaging. Thinksound does. Our packaging removes any and all unnecessary plastic parts; including the plastic "bubble" insert that the majority of manufacturers use. We only kept the display window (required by most dealers) which can also be recycled. We use 100% recycled, bleach free material in our carton. This is also easily recycled. In our latest product, the ts02+mic; we even eliminated the metal twist-ties on the cabling. They just aren't necessary.

As for the product itself, the wood is sustainable and sourced locally near our manufacturing facility. The aluminum can be recycled and the cables are PVC-free. Using toxins like PVC in our product just isn't necessary. Our cables are just as strong and durable (if not more) than our competitors.

Thinksound isn't about being "Green" for marketing purposes or hype. We're about making smartly designed, great sounding audio products at an affordable price. If you have any further questions about thinksound, our philosophy, our products, etc.; please send me an email at mike.tunney@thinksound.com.

Best Regards,

Mike Tunney

Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer


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