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ThinkPad Netbook Specced Up - Not a Netbook

Gordon Kelly


ThinkPad Netbook Specced Up - Not a Netbook

I'm still not convinced there should be a ThinkPad netbook, but given we've had a budget Ferrari laptop I guess no brand is off limits. Besides it turns out we don't have a ThinkPad netbook, by the skin of its teeth.

Liliputing has let the cat out of the bag with the partially leaked X100e and hit us with the news that it won't actually be a we-call-it-a-netbook-because-it-has-an-Atom-CPU-in-it with Lenovo having opted for a 1.6GHz AMD Neo. Consequently this is a rival to the increasingly popular Intel CULV sector which is probably a better thing. That means we get the usual 11.6in 1366 x 768 display, a multi-touch trackpad, up to 4GB RAM, a choice of HDDs up to 500GB and three or six cell batteries.

Integrated 3G and Bluetooth with be optional extras and Windows 7 Starter to Professional can be chosen. Interestingly the X100e will also be the first ThinkPad to sport an isolation keyboard which shows pretty much everyone has been converted to this format now.

Another surprise is the X100e will be paired with another model, the 'ThinkPad Edge', which we'd heard nothing of until now. Despite the swanky name, the Edge is essentially an enlarged X100e with a 13.3in display and a choice of faster AMD 1.6GHz Athlon Neo X2 and 1.6GHz Turion X2 CPUs.

I'm sure both will be high quality machines, though call me old fashioned because I believe if you dilute every premium brand you own there really isn't much point to having them in the first place. Expect everything to become official soon.


via Liliputing

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