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Operating off a different track, the M2 combines a 12cm giant radiator plus 12cm fan to add extra oomph to any cooling system. Essentially working in a similar way to that of a decoder, this unit can take multiple inputs, connecting to CPU and VGA coolers meaning it is targeting the hardcore gamer. Again nearly silent output is promised (sub 16dBA) so if your system needs that little bit of extra chill give it look.

The M3 finishes off the AquaBay line. This is a 1U reservoir tank which uses a transparent window so users can tell exactly when to a refill is needed. For me, the primary benefit of this unit is it can be pulled out its drive mount, topped up and inserted back in without having to open up the computer or risk messing around with liquid inside the chassis. For those of you aiming to build the ultimate system, multiple M3s can be slotted together to increase liquid flow and thermal performance.

Finally, we finish off with the Mystic case from ThermalRock, a division of Thermaltake (you never would’ve guessed, right?!). Capable of taking both ATX and Micro ATX motherboards, this home theatre styled “external enclosure” has an aluminium bezel and side and rear air vents to help dissipate heat. At the front, drives are hidden behind a hydraulic door and the whole system is lifted off the ground by stereo style foot stands.

For cosmetic reasons the front ports (2x USB2.0, FireWire, audio connections) are positioned to the side of the Mystic, with space saved at its head for a sound level indicator which flashes in time to music played. This show off unit is relatively light as 8.5Kg and it should appeal to exhibitionists nationwide.

All the Thermaltake products mentioned are out now, with the exception of the Mystic which the company says is “coming soon”. Thermaltake doesn’t make a habit of releasing RRPs, so I would suggest you head over to official e-tailers Dabs, TechFever and Gladiator Computers and have yourselves a little shop around.

Phew, I’ve never felt quite so hot when writing about cooling products (it is 28 degrees outside). I’d quite like a water cooling system hooked up to me right now.





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