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The Relisys Report

Relisys also has a more conventional projector offering. The RLP1500 is a LCD based model, with a 2000 ANSI Lumens rating and a native resolution of 1,024 x 768. Other features include 3:2 Pull Down support and Progressive scan. Connections include RGB, DVI, S-Video and composite.

As well as LCD technology, Relisys has turned its hand to Plasma technology. The RP4210 is a 42in display with two internal TV Tuners, enabling it to display two channels at once in split screen format. There are also two scart connectors as well as a standard D-Sub PC connection, as well as component, S-Video and composite.

The brightness level is rated at 1000cd/m2 while the contrast ratio is 3000:1. Image resolution is 852 pixels by 480.

Plasma TVs can suffer badly from burn in, where static logos or colours eventually become etched into the display’s phosphors. A good example of this are the plasmas advertising EasyJet at Luton Airport, which are now green tinged rather than the solid orange they were originally were. To help counter this, the RP4210 features built-in burn-in protection, which keeps images moving on screen.

At the launch in Coventry, Relisys was keen to stress that its expertise extneds beyond displays. As proof it revealed products that most people wouldn’t normally associate with the company.

The RDVRR250 is a DVD Recorder based on Philips DVD+RW technology. While this may not be a core market for Relisys the link with displays is at least plain to see.

As well as recording to DVD+R and DVD+RW the machine will also play standard audio and MP3 encoded CDs. The RDVRR250 has composite, S-Video and Scart inputs. It can also display Progressive images through its component output and has composite, and S-Video outputs.

Another product one wouldn't expect from relisys is the RDC3100, a digital camera featuring a 3.1 megapixel CMOS sensor. Housed in a slim silver casing it can take video clips at 320 x 240 resolution at 25fps, - smoother than a Canon Ixus 500.

Unlike many companies that merely rebadge somebody else’s camera, Relisys claimed that they had been working on the RDC3100 for eighteen months, which should give them an advantage in a crowded market. The RDC3100 will be available in the UK later this year.

The final product Relisys had at the show was a DAB digital radio. DAB is a rapidly expanding technology so it’s a good time for a forward thinking company to enter the market. The RDAB100 has a LCD display for station names and scrolling text and five-station presets. As a back up the radio can also pick up AM and FM signals as well as DAB.

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