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The Relisys Report

In the product room Relisys had a large number of new offerings on show. Its two new LCD 17in and 19in panels, the TL795A and TL995A have already been announced and were on show again.

As befitted all the talk of the convergence of IT and consumer electronics, Relisys unveiled a new addition to its LCD TV range, which already includes 15, 17 and 30in displays. The RLT2000 is a 20in monitor, with a 16 millisecond response time and a 500cd/m2 brightness figure making it a suitable for fast moving TV images. The RLT2000 has a 4:3 aspect ratio and a native resolution of 800 x 600.


The monitor also offers stereo sound, 3:2 image pull down and Progressive scan support for more stable pictures. The suggested retail price for the RLT2000 is £468.83

One of the most unique devices on show was the RHTP200 projector. It's the first one we’ve seen to integrate a DVD player and an analogue TV Tuner. For practical reasons, this is a concept that makes a lot of sense as it avoids the plague of cables running round the room. Relisys refers to the RHTP200 as a “visual boom box”, where the projector is kept out of the way in a cupboard until it’s brought out for special occasions. The RHTP200 is equipped with 5.1 channel sound so you don’t have to compromise the DVD experience. If you are prepared to forego surround sound and stick with stereo you also don’t have to compromise on the wireless side of things as a cordless set of 25 Watt 2.1 speakers are also included.

The projector also includes a memory card reader so it can be used to subject friends and relatives to endless digital snaps from your holidays. The display technology used in the RHTP200 is based on a four-segment Texas Instruments DLP chip, with a 1,700 ANSI Lumens brightness rating, a 2,000:1 contrast ratio and a resolution of 1,024 x 768. The display is natively 4:3 but has a 16:9 mode for anamorphic widescreen material.

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