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The Daily Goes Live

David Gilbert


The Daily Goes Live

The Daily, Apple and News Corp’s iPad-only newspaper has just gone live and will be available to download for 99c per week or a yearly subscription of $39.99.

At an event in the Guggenheim Museum in New York, Rupert Murdoch, Apple’s Eddy Cue and The Daily’s editor Jesse Angelo unveiled the new digital newspaper which will churn out up to 100 news pages-a-day “in different ways than we did before." The front page of the first ever Daily focused on the uprising in Egypt but Angelo said that should something happen in the coming hours, the staff at the Daily would be able to “break-in” and update the paper. “This is not a static product.”

The demonstration showed off a number of unique features of The Daily including 360 degree pictures, HD video and a voice-over announcing the top stories of the day. There is even a video presenter who talks you through the top stories with Angelo saying The Daily will combine the best of print, radio and television journalism. That is reflected in the make-up of the 100 staff who have been drawn from all sections of journalism.

Apple’s VP of Internet services, Eddy Cue announced that The Daily would be the first app which would offer an all new subscription billing service at the click of a button. Responding to a question at the press conference, Cue said Apple would be making an announcement “shortly” regarding other publications being able to do this. Readers of The Daily will be able to flick through pages as normal or can access the news via a central carousel which can play automatically with a voice-over if you just can’t be bothered to flick through or read the stories yourself.

Sport will be play a major part in The Daily’s content with a huge array of stats at readers fingertips though obviously these will be heavily skewed in respect of American sports - so unfortunately no curling stats then. Readers will also be able to access players' Twitter feeds via the sports pages, which will be a feature in all sections of the paper. Indeed Twitter, Facebook and other social media will be integral to the paper as readers can share individual articles with friends via their social networks.

Rupert Murdoch confirmed that $30 million dollars had been sunk into the project thus far, which will be written off by News Corp. He added that he was very confident the project would succeed. Asked what he would see as success, Murdoch said: “When we are selling millions.” He told the audience the cost of running The Daily each week would be less than half a million dollars. The revenue spilt between ads and subscriptions will be more subs first but eventually move towards a 50/50 split.

Asked what the editorial voice of the paper would be, Jesse Angelo said: “It is a new brand and new voices. It will be patriotic, we love America. On specific issues, well, read the editorials and you'll see.” The Daily will be aimed at the estimated 15 million America “who will own tablets in the next year” Murdoch said. When asked about an Australian version (and presumably it applies to all regions) he said that remained a possibility.

Asked whether The Daily is going to be available on other platforms, Murdoch replied: “We've been quite honest with Apple, and we'll be on all major tablets. But we think last year, this year, and next year will belong to the iPad.”

The first edition we saw displayed earlier and the integration of the multimedia elements certainly looked impressive and it seems as if News Corp and Murdoch are certainly backing the project fully. Of course many have tried and failed with a subscription service for digital newspapers but the low cost of 99c per week could entice a lot of people to switch from traditional print media.

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