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The Daily Coming To The UK By Summer

David Gilbert


The Daily Coming To The UK By Summer

When The Daily launched back in February, over on this side of the Atlantic we looked on enviously as the Americans got their daily dose of news, videos and interactive content.

Well it seems as if we won’t have to wait much longer to get our fingertips on The Daily as News Corp has announced it will be coming to western Europe in the first half of 2011. Jon Miller, the digital boss at News Corporation, revealed the news at a media conference today. The news comes as US users prepare to start paying for the app. The Daily has been free since launch due to a sponsorship deal with Verizon but users will now have to pay 99¢ per week to subscribe to the innovative publication. It needs to garner over 700,000 subscribers to break even.

While iPad and iPad 2 owners in Europe will welcome the extended reach of The Daily, people will not be too happy that the version available over here will be the same as the US version. Readers would have hoped that a UK or European version would have been in the offing but with $30million sunk into the initial launch, Rupert Murdoch and co will probably be looking to gauge the reaction here before going ahead with a fully-fledged European version.

While we hope there will be some tweaks of the edition when it does launch here, we’re not holding our breaths. For example sport in the US edition of The Daily focuses on baseball, American football and basketball, but we would hope to see more focus on football (or soccer), rugby or cricket in the UK edition.

Will you be subscribing to The Daily when it lands on the European shores or will the US slant on things put you off?

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