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Teufel Audio Buys Raumfeld GmbH For Streaming Goodness

David Gilbert


Teufel Audio Buys Raumfeld GmbH For Streaming Goodness

Throughout history we have seen individuals come together to form perfect partnerships: Bogart and Bacall; Lennon and McCartney; Cantona and Ferguson. And now we have another it seems. German audio specialist Teufel has purchased wireless streaming gurus Raumfeld GmbH to create audio nirvana.

With everyone looking to do away with wires these days, it was a natural move that the company which produces quality speaker systems such as the Teufel Theater 100 and the Teufel Theater 200 5.1 Speaker System would look to add wireless streaming functionality to its products. And what better (and easier) way of doing that than purchase a company which is already known for its expertise in the area.

Teufel now added a number of innovative audio streaming products, through the purchase of Raumfeld GmbH, which are now available to buy via its online shop, which ships to countries throughout Europe. This new product line will help Teufel “further secure its place in the consolidating audio and computer markets. Raumfeld users can wirelessly enjoy streaming of all widespread audio formats and online services like Napster on a sound system sure to satisfy stringent audiophiles,” a statement from Teufel said. The heart of a Raumfeld set is an intuitive remote control capable of controlling all sound system functions from any room.

Raumfeld was founded in 2008 by Stephan Schulz and Michael Hirsch, two audio enthusiasts and market insiders. Schulz said: "For Raumfeld, as a technological leader in audio streaming system solutions, a partnership with Teufel is ideal. Our customers will benefit not just from Teufel's excellent audio quality, but also from Teufel's extensive customer service, for example."

Source: Teufel

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