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Teufel Announces Extensive Additions to Product Range

Andy Vandervell


Teufel Announces Extensive Additions to Product Range

We've seen a great number of Teufel systems in the year that the German loudspeaker specialist has been trading in UK, most of them extremely good. Known for only selling its products directly to the consumer, offering an eight week return guarantee for unsatisfied customers and 12 year warranties, its combination of excellent quality and competitive prices has gone down well.

While most companies were showing their new wares at IFA in September, Teufel, in keeping with its unorthodox approach, has only just announced its large range of new products. And we were with Teufel in Berlin to inspect them with our own eyes and ears.

Most impressive was the company's latest addition to its so far unseen (by us at least) PC speaker range. A 2.0 channel, full-range set, Teufel has yet to set a price for its Concept B 200 USB speakers {above}, but did say they were likely to hit a price between 200 to 250 Euros. A lot of money, perhaps, but when you hear them you'll quickly think otherwise. We were instantly impressed by the great clarity, neutral tone and imposing power of this set, which comprise three drivers per channel powered by an external amplifier unit.

As suggested by the name, they connect to your PC via USB, thus bypassing the potentially noisy output of your integrated sound card. Of course you can still connect to it in the normal manner, while you can also use the amplifier unit as a USB hub thanks to its additional USB ports.

Though Teufel isn't your typical tech company, it's no less partial to a "world first" than any other, boasting "the smallest THX Ultra 2 system in the world" in the System 8 THX Ultra 2 {above}. Similar in makeup to the Recommended Award winning System 9 THX Ultra 2 Speakers, as the headline claim alludes to, the System 8s are simply a lot smaller, in theory offering high quality performance in a more convenient package. No pricing is available as yet, but the full-size System 9s cost as much as £3,500 for the full set, so file this under ‘aspirational'.

Those with more modest pretentions should find Teufel's new Impaq 4000 5.1 home cinema system {above} to their liking. Again, we don't have pricing just yet, but expect this offering to be a good deal more affordable. It has all the usual features (1080p upscaling, DivX and MP3 playback , Dolby and DTS decoding), but also includes an AM/FM radio tuner with RDS support.

Finally, if your needs sit somewhere between insanely expensive and cheap, plug and play home cinema, then the Theatre 100 {below} is probably for you. Another 5.1 set, the Theatre 100s are due to replace the company's Theatre 1 speakers. Teufel has gone for a classical dark wood appearance, supplemented by judicious use of high glossy black - a combination we definitely approve of.

Key to their appeal are the satellite speakers, which offer full-range stereo output for use as Hi-Fi speakers, providing a flexible and affordable option for your living room. Another important feature is the center channel tweeter, which is mounted above the sub driver for flat, consistent frequency response.

All these new products should be appearing on the company's website in the next one or two weeks, with all going on sale in November.

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