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Tesco Value As iPhone Tariffs Unveiled

Gordon Kelly


Tesco Value As iPhone Tariffs Unveiled

If you were disappointed that the Orange iPhone price plans differed little from the widely criticised O2 tariffs then you'll be rather happier after reading what Tesco has to offer...

Following the surprising news the supermarket chain had secured iPhone contracts last month, it has announced availability will begin from 14 December with far more diverse pricing. All these options are shown below, but the key points are the O2 virtual network becomes the first retailer to supply the iPhone on a 12 month contract as well as the first to provide a plan with unlimited calls and texts.

Notably, users can nab an iPhone from as little as £20pm for 12 months, though that leads to hefty handset prices of £222, £320 and £407 for the iPhone 3G, 16GB 3GS and 32GB 3GS respectively. This provides £60 worth of calls and texts, charged at 20p per minute and 10p per text though these costs are halved for your favourite five numbers.

Taking the other extreme, a 24 month £60pm deal sees both the iPhone 3G and 16GB 3GS come for free (so why bother with the former?) while the 32GB 3GS is just £50. These plans all come with unlimited calls and texts (a £500pm fair usage policy applies) plus the usual flat rate data (we're waiting on an actual figure).

Where Tesco doesn't differentiate much is in the pre-pay sector where Apple restrictions see it priced virtually the same as O2 and Apple with the same free 12 months of web and WiFi provided.

In sum, I'd quite like to see 18 month options as a half way measure, but given Orange and O2 already have this we have to applaud Tesco for doing something totally different. Your move Vodafone...


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