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Tesco Software Launches Nationwide

Gordon Kelly


Tesco Software Launches Nationwide

Last month Tesco announced that it wants to add Microsoft, Symantec, McAfee et al to its ever growing list of enemies by releasing productivity software that people could actually afford. Well, it is now time to go shopping.

As of this week you will find Tesco branded titles on its shelves and the first slew of releases sees the arrival of an office suite, two security and antivirus tools, a personal finance application, optical media burning software and a photo editing programme. A dedicated website has also be launched at http://www.tescosoftware.com/.

We’ve yet to get our hands on any of Tesco’s offerings to give them a firm yay or nay but all titles have been co-developed with Cambridge based coder Formjet which has a solid industry reputation.

Furthermore titles start from just £9.97 for the combined Tesco ‘Antivirus and Antispyware’ (a price matched by its ‘PhotoRestyle’, ‘Personal Finance’ and ‘Easy Record’ programmes) and rise to just £19.97 for its ‘Internet Security’ and ‘Complete Office’ solutions (the latter of which allows the editing and creation of Word, Excel and Access files along with PDFs). Microsoft Office, on the other hand, can set users back in excess of £300 with the budget ‘Student Edition’ still coming in with a £119.99 RRP.

All Tesco software is said to use ‘standard interfaces’ by which I suspect the supermarket giant means going-as-close-to-Microsoft-Symantec-etc-without-being-sued and it should make adjustment easy.

So if you want to rub it (whatever ‘it’ may be) in the faces of the major software multinationals you know what to do. Just remember not to pack the titles with your milk.


Tesco Software

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