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Tesco 'Digital Locker' Plans Multi-format iTunes Assault

Gordon Kelly


Tesco 'Digital Locker' Plans Multi-format iTunes Assault

If at first you don't succeed...?

It started with Tesco Digital, revamped the service into 'Tesco Entertainment' and now the UK's largest supermarket chain is hoping to finally crack the music sector with 'Digital Locker'.

Speaking at the Futuresource Entertainment Summit in London Blueprint Digital CEO Richard Bron told Home Cinema Choice his company is working with Tesco to try and make a major impact in the home entertainment sector by eliminating concerns about media formats.

"The way it would work practically is that when you buy a disc in store or online, that title would be put up into your Digital Locker which would immediately be accessible from {a} device registered to that locker," explained Bron who said the industry must focus on a "buy the title not the format" mentality. "Our idea is content anytime anyplace", he added.

Naturally Tesco isn't alone in this sector. Amazon's Disc on Demand service in the US gives customers access to a streaming copy of DVD and Blu-ray content they buy so watching can begin immediately. Tesco has also tried bundling digital files with physical media, to little success and Digital Locker sees it embracing the Cloud.

In short everything will come down to ease of use and whether Tesco is prepared to throw enough of its monstrous profits at the sector to truly make an impact. Then again it can be argued digital content is the future anyway, so if you really want to be ahead of the game work on competing with the likes of Napster and Spotify and build an alternative video-centric model. Then we'd be talking...

Source: Home Cinema Choice

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