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TechSmith Releases Camtasia 7

Gordon Kelly


TechSmith Releases Camtasia 7

We've big fans of TechSmith at TrustedReviews, I use SnagIt every day and Camtasia has long been one of the most intuitive screencast creators on the market. So I'm rather excited to see this...

TechSmith has this week announced the extensively overhauled Camtasia Studio 7. Like version six, users will be able to record exactly what they see on their computer screen, including visual elements such as mouse movements, data entry and the ability to layer in audio tracks or webcam video.

A wizard also enables results to be seamlessly uploaded to online sites from YouTube to TechSmith's online site screencast.com as well as being ripped to popular formats to work on devices such as the iPhone and iPod touch.

The differences, however, are dramatic. The primary theme for v7 is one of simplicity with the Camtasia UI having undergone a redesign while an extensive media library of assets and templates from animated backgrounds, music tracks to sound effects and title sequences are now provided. Importantly, whether user created or from template, these effects can simply be copied and pasted within a timeline - a great timesaver. Callout and cursor effects can also be dragged and dropped, resized and rotated 360 degrees meaning even newbies should have no problems getting to grips with the basics.

Meanwhile 'SmartFocus', the series' famed automated screen focusing technology which can detect and focus on user actions has been improved to be more accurate. Overall recording performance has been optimised as well so systems with dual core processors running Windows Vista or 7 will see a 40-50 per cent improvement in capture frame rates.

Camtasia Studio 7 is immediately available with individual copies costing £238.50 (incl.VAT) and multi-buy at £198. Happily TechSmith is offering 50 per cent off to existing users of any version of Camtasia, which is fine way to reward customer loyalty.

Now let's have SnagIt 10 please chaps...


Camtasia Studio 7

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