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Tech Link Conjures Flat HDMI Cables

Gordon Kelly


Tech Link Conjures Flat HDMI Cables

We love the latest monster High Definition TVs, HD players and outrageous stands as much as the next geeky-yet-uncommonly-handsome person, but sometimes a simple yet clever innovation is just as important...

To that regard and in respect of making life that little bit easier I feel compelled to draw your attention to Tech Link International's rather obvious – and yet, as far as I know, unparalleled - invention: flat HDMI cables...

These wife friendly wires should conceal far more easily under carpets, behind curtains and at 3mm they can be routed under source hardware with the lowest of profile feet. For the home cinephile/DIY enthusiast they can even be wall papered (do people still wallpaper?) or painted over to leave a minimal trace.

While light on bulk however the cables themselves certainly aren't light on features with Techlink stating performance exceeds 1080p bandwidth while they are constructed from Oxygen free copper, have individually shielded key conductors, gold plated HDMI terminals, moulded plugs and FPE (foam polyethylene) insulation to eliminate signal migration.

Available in 2m, 3m and 5m lengths my only criticism of the cables is that they currently only come in blue but a wider selection – including the sensible choices of white and black – look set to debut later this year (after yours truly's suggestion). With an RRP of £39.99 these flatties are inline with most high end tubular HDMI cables leaving the choice a rather obvious one in my opinion...


Tech Link

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