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TalkTalk Matches BT With Line Rental Price Increase


TalkTalk Matches BT With Line Rental Price Increase

TalkTalk has announced that its line rental prices will be going up by 50p from 1 October following a similar move by BT last month.

Monthly line rental will increase from £11.49 to £12.04, the same as BT. While its at it, TalkTalk has also increased the prices of daytime calls, which will now be 6.4p per minute – up from 5.8p per minute. In addition, if you move and want to take your TalkTalk number with you it will cost £49.99, a hefty increase over the former £29.99.

The 50p increase is somewhat ironic, because, as PC Pro points out, TalkTalk was quite vocal in criticising the government for suggesting a 50p broadband tax on landlines to help pay for rolling out broadband to remote areas.

At the time, TalkTalk claimed that the 50p increase would make thousands of low income families unable to afford broadband. However, TalkTalk responded by telling PC Pro that, “"The difference is the Government wasn't implementing a price rise, it was implementing a tax. It wouldn't have stopped providers increasing prices to maintain their business."

It seems that if the increase is from TalkTalk, rather than from the government, it won’t have the deleterious effect on those low-income families. Could TalkTalk merely have been drumming up some righteous indignation for effect at the time?

Either way, if you’re a TalkTalk customer, look out for your August bill, as it will contain confirmation of the great news that is the price rise.

Link: TalkTalk.

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