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T-Mobile iPhone 4 Tariffs Finally Announced

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T-Mobile iPhone 4 Tariffs Finally Announced

T-Mobile has finally joined the rest of the mobile phone carriers in announcing its iPhone 4 tariffs, or price plans as it prefers to call them. They are as follows:

Notable is the lack of any 18 month options, leaving you tied to the network for two years should you choose to do so. T-Mobile has also joined O2 in making the standard data limit on most tariffs just 500MB, though the option for a free Flexible Booster means this can be increased. Unlike O2, however, there doesn't appear to be any Wi-Fi provision.

Indeed, it's no wonder T-Mobile has waited so long to announce these plans: they're not very good. Even Vodafone, hardly renowned for its great value contracts, has T-Mobile at a disadvantage, undercutting it on handset prices and allowances. Ho hum.


T-Mobile iPhone 4 Tariffs

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