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T-Mobile Wireless Pointer Leads the Way

David Gilbert


T-Mobile Wireless Pointer Enters Market

Have you ever found yourself holding your laptop up in the air or over your shoulder to find the best wireless connection? If so, and your tired of looking silly in front of your friends, then T-Mobile may have a solution for you.

While Three led the way with MiFi dongles, only last August Vodafone introduced their own version and now T-Mobile want in on the act.

The T-Mobile Wireless Pointer (or MiFi dongle) is now available and will guide you to WiFi nirvana, so you no longer have to search aimlessly for that WiFi sweet spot. The Pointer, which is available on contract or pay-as-you-go, effectively points you towards the best 3G reception in your area and then creates a wireless hot spot for you and up to four other users to connect to.

The Pointer works with both Windows and Mac systems and all users have to do is search for the device and connect. Software will install itself and is automatically updated. T-Mobile claims download speeds of up to 7.2Mbps and has even included a microSD slot (up to 4GB) on the dongle to allow users to easily share files between themselves.

While T-Mobile claims 80 percent mobile broadband coverage in the UK and this device is ideal for those on the move, it still remains to be seen if it will be much of an improvement on the traditional mobile broadband dongle.

Those signing up for a 24-month contract will get the Wireless Pointer for free and pay £15-a-month thereafter. Those using the device on a pay-as-you-go basis will lay out £60 initially as well as an initial £10 top-up. Browsing will then cost £2-a-day, £7-a-week or £15-a-month depending on usage. Neither plan has a browsing limit.


November 3, 2010, 2:35 pm


Why is this better than a £50 MiFi that requires no software to be installed due to it's fantastic web interface? Not to mention Three's excellent coverage. It literally points towards better signal? They should call it the Pointless.


November 3, 2010, 2:58 pm

My experience of 3G Dongle usage on Vodafone was that it was rubbish. Flaky connections, rubbish speed and expensive for what it is: which was a dial up connection. I don't see how one of these would be any better?

David Gilbert

November 3, 2010, 5:04 pm

@Ben @Simon The headline here may have been a little confusing (now changed). It was meant to be a pun on the system that allows users to find the best reception obviously and not saying that this was a market leading product. All dongles seem to work differently for different users and I know from my experience it all depends where in the country you are and how strong your signal is.


December 17, 2010, 6:03 pm

I've used this now (on PAYG) for around 2-3 weeks and have been very impressed with it especially the one free month with your first day's £2 sign up.

You can just log in to it via WiFi and connect as you would any other router without the need for any firmware/software installation. It does come pre-loaded with all software required, however it is only needed if you want to use this as a standard 3G dongle with a wired USB connection (this proved to be a lifesaver on one occassion with my flaky Wifi card packing up completely one day).

I have found my connection to be very reliable even when working in a remote part of Scotland for four days with over 40 hours use and only 3 temporary drop outs, these proved to be timeouts due to no data throughput within the default time (which can be changed amongst most other settings via it's built in web interface).

I was told by the sales person that the Wireless Pointer shared both Orange & T-Mobile masts which for my areas of use could not be beaten by any other network.

Despite what the review says there is a reasonable fair usage policy of 500MB/Day or 1GB/Week or 2GB/Month (PAYG). Although once you go over this, only high data volume sites are restricted (video sites/downloads) and this is only between 4pm and 12 midnight. For more info visit T-Mobile's site http://support.t-mobile.co....

Be warned though, I was told by the sales person that if you buy this in store on PAYG there is no return policy should you be in an area without service, "if it doesn't work, it's up to you to prove it".

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