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T-Mobile Unveils Least Offensive Roaming Data Tariff to Date

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T-Mobile Unveils Least Offensive Roaming Data Tariff to Date

You know what gets me about stories like this? They are good value, but only relatively speaking...

T-Mobile has launched 'Euro Boosters', a pre-pay roaming data tariff to try and alleviate users' fears of surfing the web when abroad. Dubbed 'Euro Broadband Boosters', they come in four packages:

  • 3MB for £1 (expires after 24 hours)

  • 20MB for £5 (expires after 24 hours)

  • 50MB for £10 (expires after 24 hours)

  • 200MB for £40 (expires after 30 days)
A status webpage lets users track their Booster credit at any time (and presumably this isn't needlessly data intensive and something T-Mobile would never dream of taking users' credit just to view? *cough*).

Problems? A) It is only available on T-Mobile's mobile broadband laptop deals when it would be equally handy for a handset B) Expiring data after 24 hours is naff. Still, the horrible fact is this is better (less evil) than what else is on offer and yet that 'unlimited' (circa 1GB) data allowance you get in the UK for under £10 would cost you £200 on this scheme.

In related news last week (we didn't mention it at the time since it is even worse) Orange introduced a 'Travel Data Daily' tariff charging £2 for 2MB of data which also expires after 24 hours. The normal cost is data roaming is £3 per megabyte, but in all likelihood you'll still need to buy 10 of these packs just to have a half decent sort of your emails and check your favourite sites.

If we are going to advance modern communication then, dear networks you need to get over this nonsense. Fast.


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