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T-Mobile Snags Exclusive German iPhone Contract

Gordon Kelly


T-Mobile Snags Exclusive German iPhone Contract

I've been waiting for official confirmation on this today but with an announcement today now seeming unlikely I feel compelled to bring you the web's biggest iPhone rumour...

Hitting the wires late yesterday were a raft of stories that originate from a report by Germany's Rheinische Post that T-Mobile has secured an exclusive deal for the iPhone in Germany.

No sources are cited in the paper (hence my caution) but it has revealed that T-Mobile will sell the handset for 450 euros (around £300) with a contract of unspecified length. It also claims the first iPhones will be available on the network from 1 November.

In all this is rather an odd report being utterly vague on key points such as the contract yet remarkably specific concerning device costs and availability. If we give the Rheinische Post the benefit of the doubt it could be argued T-Mobile hasn't yet decided what minimum contract the iPhone will require.

Another frustrating absence from the paper's unsubstantiated exclusive is whether the European version of the iPhone will ship with 3G connectivity, as long speculated. T-Mobile has unquestionably been at the forefront of mobile data rate packages with its flat rate Web n Walk deals and heavily promotes 3G and HSDPA enabled handsets so for it to suddenly U-turn on this would be strange. Though perhaps that's the power of Apple...?

If we get any official word on this I'll post a full update, but so far all is deathly quiet...

PS Business Week is reporting that the iPhone costs Apple just $220 to make!?! There are a lot of variants in the breakdown, but unless this article is way out the company will generate stunning profit margins and surely a lot of backlash...


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