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T-Mobile Offers 'Boosters' To All Customers

Gordon Kelly


T-Mobile Offers 'Boosters' To All Customers

The ability to add extra features to your mobile phone service is not a new idea, but has it ever been done with this much flexibility?

T-Mobile is launching 'Boosters' - its term for what the industry regularly calls 'Bolt-ons' - and it's trying to open them up to everyone. Consequently, PAYG customers as well as those on monthly contracts (the traditional targets) will be free to hop on a choice of four different, contract-free packages:

  • Talk & Text - a range of additional minutes and text packages (handy during public holidays)


  • Euro Travel - 50 per cent more call time for free, eg: a Euro 10 Booster costs £10 but gives £15 worth of credit for any combination of roaming calls or texts.

  • International calling - lower cost packages for telephoning abroad.

  • Internet - the ability to buy individual lumps of data for surfing/picking up emails, etc.
All Boosters also come in up to four price denominations: £2.50, £5, £7.50 and £10 and can be used either on their own or with each other.

“T-Mobile Boosters offer great value for our customers," said Steve Mitchell, T-Mobile's Head of Post-Pay Marketing. "Whether they want to do more talking & texting, internet surfing on the move, calling abroad or calling from Europe, there’s a Booster to suit everyone. Boosters are a great way for customers to create a personalised plan that fits their lifestyle – whatever life throws their way.”

Seems a fine idea to us, Boosters / Bolt-ons / whatever you want to call them...


T-Mobile Boosters

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